Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Spoiled Little Pool Girl

I went swimming with two friends this morning at a local public pool and came shortly to realize how utterly spoiled I really am. The pool was about 84 degrees, I was sweating by the time I got halfway through my first set. Undoubtably it was the perfect temperature for the aqua-aerobics people causing the tidal waves in the first three lanes. There were of course no wave-breaker lane lines, just ropes with little plastic buoys every few feet that kept swinging wildly into my lane with every gyration of the aerobics grandmas.

Of course, there's also the stunning variety of swimmers, none of whom can organize themselves into anything resembling Slow, Medium, and Fast lanes. No, for the record, sidestroke doesn't count as fast. And just like on the roads here, you pass on the left, this is not Australia or London. Even my good friend Kay who I was swimming with who really is certifiably British passes on the left whilst swimming, so the rest of these people have no excuses.

Pleas to the lifeguard to open another lap lane fell on deaf ears as apparently the 6 aerobics people needed an entire half of the pool, as opposed to the swimmers crammed into the 3 lanes.

Ah yes, I really have no room to complain, I'm just another spoiled rotten private club pool swimmer. Times like these are when it really hits me between the eyes how good my life really is if this is all I can find to get worked up over. And sitting in the hot tub with my friends in the afterglow of swimming with the ice cold morning air contrasting nicely with the 102 degree water. Well as they say on the ads... Priceless.


Kendallprojects (Jason) said...

I HEAR YA! just posted a similar note at my spot. I'm on the other end though, I get the angry aqua-areobics members in my office weekly literally yelling at me because the pool is 80 degree and they're "freezing", plus the instructors yelling at my lifeguards because I won't let them have another lane for all 5 people in the class.
And yes, there should be a required circle swimming class for anyone ever using the pool.

Coachhrd said...

The "full pool" issue can be frustrating. Seems to always creep up after the first of the year and as we get closer to a big local triathlon event.