Friday, March 20, 2009


So whaddya think....tomorrow would be a bad day to pick for a long bike ride????

Good thing I kept an eye on the forecast this week and got out for a nice one on Wednesday, followed by a terrificly warm run on Thursday. Tomorrow, it's strictly indoors for me, lest that lightning bolt strike anywhere nearby.

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Kendallprojects (Jason) said...

Yesterday (Fri) as I woke from my sleeping in (6am instead of 4am), I looked outside to see it SNOWING! Well, it looks like another trainer day. All morning I watched the weather channel while putting off setting up the trainer. Finally around noon when I could see that it wasn't sticking and the wind wasn't bad, I layered up and headed out. So glad I did, it stopped snowing and even got a few rays of sun through the clouds.
But...I said all that to say this....if you can wait it out, but I don't mess with the thunder bolts from Zues! Be careful if you head out, if not, try not to let the trainer get cha down.