Thursday, February 19, 2009

Her Own Race

Asa did a local race, the "Truffle Shuffle" last week. She chose to do the 2-mile run/walk all by herself (!) since I was way too sick to even go at her pace in the cold outside air. I did have her take a cell phone with her and call me from the turnaround point, especially since they also had a 4 mile race on the same course and I was worried that she wouldn't turn around in the right place.

There were an awful lot of people with dogs there, so I was a bit worried that she would never finish the race. If you knew Asa, you'd know that there are not many dogs on this planet that she can resist petting, and sure enough she spent most of the pre-race time going from one cute dog to the next. Fortunately once the dog owners started running, she couldn't really stop and pet them anymore until the end of the race.

The other thing I absolutely LOVE about my daughter is that she has her own personal style, and it's like no one else's (as you can see from her choice of running attire, LOL). Fortunately, it made her very easy to pick out among the hundreds of runners and walkers out there on the cold and windy course. I think maybe I'll see if I can find something like this to wear at my next triathlon - wouldn't that be fun???

I was so very proud of her doing this whole distance by herself. She and I have done some training runs together and I know at her age it's a lot more motivating to have someone else with you to chat with and such. When I knew I was too sick to do it with her, I guess I thought she'd just wait for another race, but no way. She insisted on going ahead and doing it on her own.One nice thing about the Truffle Shuffle is you get a truffle from a local chocolate company at the finish. Now that's the way to end a race!


Tamara said...

Go Asa, GO!!! I am SO proud of her and hope that she glows from the joy of her achievement for many days to come.

TriGirl 40 (okay - 41) said...

Much congrats to Asa - I love her attitude - and her running attire! Chocolate truffles after a race sound way better than some other foods I've seen over the years!