Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Comeback Trail

I spent five days at my mom's house this week, which was probably a good thing for my overall recovery. I deliberately did not take my running gear, so no chance of heading out in the very cold air there for a winter run. I took my bike and trainer for indoor workouts and swimsuit so I did a few laps at her YMCA, and now I feel a ton better. One run so far this week proved that my legs still do work, although they pooped out after about 3 miles and the last mile home I was really dragging. It's amazing how a few weeks can take you from easily going out for a ten miler to barely making a 5k! But now that all is well, I know it will come back fast. The weather is gorgeous here and I'm planning an actual bike ride, outside(!) tomorrow.

I feel a serious physical longing to be outside doing this triathlon training thing. Spring fever is setting in!

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