Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm Going to Make You Heal Dammit

Sometimes my body can be sneaky. Sometimes it knows that I'm not really going to give it enough rest or enough downtime. I'm bad that way. So sometimes my body mutinies on me and makes me too sick to do anything. When my back really started giving me fits, I did cut back on the worst culprits - volleyball has been totally gone for weeks {sob} and I've really scaled back the intensity in karate {sniff}. I cut my running miles in half {boohoo}. I've really tried to be good. Honestly!

But it just wasn't enough for the old body to really rest and heal, so now I'm sick. No long run yesterday, no outside work, the leaf pile is laughing its evil head off out there because any exertion in the cold winter air starts me coughing my damn head off. But on the plus side, after four days of this, my back feels really really good. Maybe that's what I needed in the first place, a few days totally off.

Maybe next time I'll listen to my body and give it what it needs. Then again, maybe it'll have to kick me in the butt again. Probably so.

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Coachhrd said...

Sometimes we need to listen to what our bodies are telling us. From my experience, it's usually right (of course, I've had to learn that the hard way)!