Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Still in Shorts, in December

Running today, shorts and a t-shirt. Bicycling this weekend in short sleeves. My rhododendrons are blooming. It's December in the Pacific Northwest and this is just downright weird.

Meanwhile, as part of their robotics team's research project, my kids have been researching the effects of global climate change on wineries. As it turns out, Napa Valley may be growing olives and walnuts in the upcoming decades, our area might see Syrah and bigger reds, while our lovely Pinots might be migrating north towards Seattle. Who knows, maybe Gewurztraminer growing in Canada?

Yep, not a climate change skeptic here. 99.9% of me knows that this is not a good thing for the earth as a whole. But as a triathlete in shorts on a sunny December day, it's hard to complain.

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hak said...

Amen sister! ;)

We've had the longest fall weather here in Las Vegas and I'm LOVING IT!

Still great shorts weather.