Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Double Trouble

Here's a tough swim workout. In preparation for our New Year's Day marathon of fifties (this year it will be 109 50's on the :45), we did forty of them at our Saturday Master's swim.

I thought it was so much fun (or else I had so little imagination) that I did the workout again last night all by myself. I have to say that swimming twice a week after last year's only once a week has made a big speed difference for me. I came in on :38 - :39 pretty consistenly through all forty 50's. Six months ago I tried this workout and couldn't make twenty of them on the same interval. Sometimes I wonder what I could do if I went back to swimming five days a week. But that's way too much work and would take too much away from tri training. Too bad there's not a triathlon that equally weights the swim with the bike and run, ha!

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