Saturday, July 26, 2008

Take a Page From This Athlete's Book

Ah, if only everyone I coach would be so sensible! One of my athletes today told me that he's using this year's base season to just work on technique with swimming, instead of piling on the yardage in the hopes that somehow he will get faster. I've been working with him for a month now and he has already dropped from a 9:00 for 500 yards to 8:00, a pretty impressive jump in just a few week's time! Mostly we're working on extending his glide and "swimming downhill" to get his feet back on the surface, along with rotating to breathe.

The kicker? My client this time around is my hubby. Yep, it's only taken him 16 years to ask my advice on his swimming stroke, LOL. Actually, to his credit he hasn't been swimming much at all, since running is his current major sport. But he'a great all-around athlete, and he did try a sprint triathlon several years ago. I think he got re-interested after watching all of my Team in Training athletes cross the line at the Pacific Crest triathlon last month, and I'm very excited to hear him say he might toe the line at another triathlon next summer!

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Trihardist said...

That's actually very adorable.