Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Imagine... a dock on an empty lake

...a perfect day under a beautiful blue sky

...water so clear you can look down dozens of feet and see the rocks beneath you

...air so warm and sweet that with every breath you smell the pine duff of the forest from the trees on the shore're camping next to the lakeshore, looking out longingly at this perfect water when... remember that your wetsuit is still packed in the back of the camper... put it on and wade out into the perfect water


...the sound of boats does not disturb the quiet of the morning hear the wind sighing through the trees and the call of the shorebirds look up and see snowy peaks in the blue distance beyond

...the lake smells as clean as freshly melted snow

...your feet move carefully over smoothly rounded rocks...

...and then... start to swim


Kylie said...


Irongirl said...

That sounds amazing!

Kit Kat said...

Absolutely beautiful