Saturday, June 09, 2007

Requiem For A Hard Drive

Alas poor hard drive, I knew him well. But he's dead and gone and a new one has (thankfully) taken his place. It'll be awhile before I have even half of the stuff uploaded that I need to, but at least I am up and running and it's a start.

Last weekend was crazy-busy with all of the end-of-term recitals and programs (though we are homeschoolers, everything seems to go with the school calendar for some reason). So I missed the first group open-water swim at the lake last Saturday (funny thing, I couldn't squeeze it in between our karate belt tests, a birthday party, and a my daughter's huge dance performance), but I did manage to make it to my Master's swim group this morning. That ended up being a good thing as I have been in the workout doldrums for more than a week. Everything feels wrong, everything's sore, I'm not working out with enough volume or intensity for it to be overtraining, but it's probably related to overall life intensity and not getting enough sleep to really recuperate. So today's swim was a breath of fresh air. Finally it felt like my body was working right again. All last week it felt like I'd been taken apart by some crazed factory worker and put back together all wrong. Now at least my arms and legs are working in the right directions.

I also took the liberty of ordering myself some new running shoes this week after realizing that the last time I ordered them was early last fall! I usually don't let my shoes get this bad, and I think that's been responsible for much of my leg, hip, knee, and back pains this week. A new swimming suit was also in order as all of the elasticity suddenly failed in my old one, resulting in the straps rubbing my neck raw while the other end of the suit continually trying to crawl upwards in a most uncomfortable manner. And goggles as well, so maybe next week I can actually see something. So hopefully next week, having outfitted myself appropriately and maybe even gotten some rest, I can feel like the athlete I used to be (at least a week or so ago).


hak said...

Great photo!

Amazing how the non-triathlon part of our lives keeps trying to take over. ;)

There are days where I wish I could just have everyone run on MY schedule. But then again, where's the fun in that?


Libor said...

Hey Robin,

Can't seem to send a pm on trifuel so here goes. As per your question about the Leader TT frame. Robin, I gotta say I love it. So far the long rides have left me very refreshed comparitively to the RB geometry I had on the trek. The reason I bought this Leader frame was 1) price (very good cost) 2) geometry. I looked up the geometry for the Cervelo P3, the bike I would LOVE to have but alas, cannot afford since I have a family etc.... I took it out for a spin IMAZ and fell in love with the riding position. So, I opted for the Leader frame. It has the same geometry. The frame is nice in that it is a "light" aluminum alloy. The geometry makes you sit very far forward and even more so when one is on the nose of the saddle (which I like), and thus it allows you to push on the pedals as if you were standing on them staraight "up" kinda thing, thus the increased speed in the rides and it saves the legs more I have found. It's not the greatest for hills cause it is a TT frame and when you sit on it, one has to sit at the very back of the seat to get that RB "push" while seated. But I like to stand when going up hills anyways. Seated is for training, for me. The fork was sold seperately to the frame but it is quite stylish and aero. I got it as well.

Let me know if there is anything else I can help with. All in all a thumbs up here!

TriGirl 40 said...

Welcome back, Ironmom. Missed you while you were mourning your hard drive.

Did you get the Newtons???

BTW - Thanks for the Eagleman thoughts.