Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Do We Ever Wear Regular Clothes?

So I'm hanging out my laundry and realizing that the line is full of four karate gis, along with obis and karate t-shirts, plus five pairs of biking shorts (his-n-hers), running shorts, Miss A's dance leotards, camis, tights and "dancer pants" (in case you wouldn't know they are "dancer pants", they say "Dance!" in big pink letters down the legs), six technical t-shirts, three running bras, and eighty-five million mismatched socks. Oh, and one pair of capris, two non-workout t-shirts and a few pairs of underwear (which Miss A. and Mr. M. both insist I hang in the middle of the laundry so that they won't be "humiliated" by anyone walking through our backyard who might happen to glance up and see them.)

I think this family only wears real clothing on a semi-regular basis. Well, my hubby does have to don suits and/or business casual when he flies, but he washes and irons that stuff himself, thank god. One nice thing about marrying a former military man is at least he can iron, since I never learned how. And why bother, when I never wear real clothes anyhow?


Nancy Toby said...

Uh oh. I. thought. this. was. real. clothes.

Libor said...

Ya, know Robin. I use the biking, running and swimming stuff more than other close. Sport clothes ARE the regular clothes, for us. Baut man is it expensive!

TriGirl 40 said...

LOL. It is kind of amazing - how suddenly all your money and hamper space starts going to workout clothes. But then again, think about how much time we do spend in them!