Journey of the Body

Here are some of the special posts which people have found the most helpful on their journey to become fitter, faster, more flexible, more strong. I hope you find them helpful too.

Triathlon Training:

My Triathlon Checklist
How to Taper for a Race
The Transition Zone: Making Your Transitions Work
Three Important Principles of Training That Many Athletes Ignore
Hills: Finding Your Climbing Power
Know Your Course, Train For Your Course
My Race Reports

My Swim Workouts
How To Decipher a Swim Workout
More on Reading Swim Workouts
Working From the Core
The High Elbow Catch - Swimming's Holy Grail
More on the High Elbow Catch

Cross-Training and Crossfit

Kettlebell Getups and Kettlebell Swings
The Hundred Push-up Plan

Training With Kids
Part 1: The Early Years (0 - 3)