Everymom's Training Resources

One of the main reasons for this blog is to provide resources for our journeys as budding triathletes. Here's some of the posts that readers have found most helpful when starting out in triathlon:

Training Plan: Eight Weeks to Your First Triathlon: Think you can't do a sprint triathlon? Think again! With just a bit of training time, a swimsuit, a bike, a helmet, and some running shoes, you can do it. Here's the training plan to get you from there!

The Transition Area, Uncomplicated: Don't be intimidated by setting up your transition area. Here's how to lay it out, and some tips for starting your race morning stress-free.

The Minivan Transition: How to practice your transitions ahead of time, right from the back of your van (or car, or garage, or driveway)

The All-Important Checklist: Don't leave for a triathlon without it. You can print out my checklist or use it to create one of your own, ensuring that you won't get to your race without your helmet or goggles.

Know Your Course: How to use the internet to train effectively for the race you've chosen. Knowing your course is the best way to avoid race day anxiety and confusion.

Three Principles of Training: Ignore these at your peril! When you're ready to take your training to the next level, this is how to train effectively without overtraining or undertraining.

Finding Your Climbing Power: Have to bike up a hill? Here's how to do it. Don't let the hills intimidate you, take control and crush them.

Taper: Why, What, How? What the heck is a taper anyways? Why should you do it? Here's everything you need to know about the week or two before your race.