Thursday, November 15, 2012

Excuses, Excuses

The weather has been unseasonally warm and beautiful outside. Who can resist  bike rides in shorts in November?

I just finished editing and submitting the screenplay my son and I wrote to the BlueCat Screenwriting competition (deadline today! nothing like a deadline to make you work). I think I read the darned thing 20 times or more in the last 3 days.

My daughter is in a play that's 25 miles away and requires 5-night-a-week rehearsals, while my son has 5 nights a week of karate and medieval martial arts here in town (how can a mom be in two places at one time? with way too much driving and some crafty carpooling)

I'm going away with my hubby for the first time in 16 years. Mom has the kids, the kids take care of the dogs, cats, rabbit, mice, and chickens. Hubby and I enjoy the Arizona sunshine, volunteer at Ironman Arizona this Sunday and register him for his first Ironman on Monday. Yes, I'm going to have an Iron Hubby on the year of his 50th birthday.

All these are excuses for why I haven't been blogging lately. Truth be told, by the time I can have some "me" time at 10:30 at night, I'm just done in.  I'm actually writing this from the airport at 4:00 in the morning having gotten up at 3:00 am. But if this is the me time I get, so be it!

All in all though, life is good. Other than the persistent knee problem (still can't run), I'm in good health and the family is awesome, though terribly busy. I've been swimming a lot more than I have in years and am actually getting faster as a result. Turns out that two times a week is barely enough to maintain in swimming, but four times a week kicks ass. I hope to write a post up this week about my recent swimming breakthrough, a technique change that bumped me down to a 1:10 pace for my 100's in yesterdays workout.

I am woefully behind in reading my favorite blogs, so hopefully on this relaxing weekend I will get to catch up somewhat on what you all are doing out there in blogland. But not before I hit the pool with my goggles, a towel, and a paperback.

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