Friday, November 30, 2012

51 Weeks to Iron Hubby: Already Arguing With the Coach

While many triathletes monitor their every last watt, breath, and body fat percentage, my hubby just finally got out the HR monitor/watch I got him for his birthday  (2 months ago!) out of the box.

"Put it on" I say

"I don't know how it works, I'll just go swim" says he

"You press this button here to start it going, and press it again when you want to record a split time. Then you press this button over here to stop it" (this guy can fix or fly a $10 million dollar jet airplane, I know he can work the darned watch already)

"It's too much trouble"

(Sound of me tearing my hair out)

Finally I got him convinced to use the watch. Then it was another argument over the workout - honestly, I do get paid to write up swim workouts and OTHER people actually follow them. Eventually though, I talked him into doing a timed 4000 with a 400 yard warmup, so the total distance is about equal to the Ironman swim. In my experience, the wetsuit gives most men about a 10% bonus in speed, so a 4000 yard pool swim time is roughly what you can expect to swim an Ironman in.

Off he went to the pool, returning with some great splits on the watch and a smile on his face.
That's a pretty darned nice swim split for your first timed effort, a year out from your Ironman. Yeah, I don't think he'll have much trouble on the swim.

As long as he stops arguing with his coach, that is.

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