Thursday, May 05, 2011

Meatza: Now Teenager Approved!

How do you get a teenager to give up on his beloved pizza? Well, that question would stump the great minds of our times. Mackenzie has been going gluten-free for nine days now. Not totally paleo, but at least a move away from eating non-stop grains. His previous diet, though it included lots of great protein, fruits, and veggies, also was full of cereal, bread, pasta, & pizza, and I don't have to tell you that at fourteen, 5'10", and with two hollow legs, this kid could demolish an entire pizza in about two seconds flat.

So what's a paleo mom to do? Make him a Meatza, of course. I used this terrific recipe from Justin Owings blog, and it came out terrific.

What was the teenage verdict?

"Wow, this is awesome!"
"Best meat dish yet!"
"I think I like this better than pizza!"

He puts all that food into his size 14 feet,
 I'm sure of it!
Say what? Sounds like one happy teenager to me. Best of all, only one piece filled him up (which was a quarter of the Meatza shown in the photo). Yeah, those hollow legs have a hard time finding satisfaction with loads of carbs, but a good dose of free-ranging grass-fed  protein and he was satisfied.

And of course, he ate another slice for breakfast.

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Mama Minou said...

Sounds delicious to me!