Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tonight's Conditioning Workout

Here's the workout for tonight's Karate Conditioning class. It's a circuit with six stations, this is something very easy to set up at home in your garage or living room with a minimum of necessary equipment.

Each station is sixty seconds on, thirty off :60/:30
Two rounds through gives you an 18 minute workout, three gives you a 27 minute workout.

Station #1: Lumberjack Press - Using a 15 lb weight bar or a 45 lb weight bar (you could also use a handweight or Dumbell)

Station #2: Spider Cross - Couldn't find a video for this one. You do a plank, then slowly touch your left hand and right foot together under your body, stabilizing with your other hand and foot. Return to starting position and repeat with right hand and left foot.

Station #3: Jumping Lunges

Station #4: Dumbell Row

Station #5: Garhammer Raise (Lying)

Station #6: Pushups

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