Friday, March 11, 2011

Stretching My Wings

Mackenzie and I are taking off today, along with 30 black belts from our dojo to go to a Karate tournament in Yakima. This will be our first tournament ever, and, well yeah I'm just a little bit intimidated. Especially since we're the only colored belts (non black belts) going. I'm just going to compete in kata (forms) and not sparring, since my official black belt test is next week. The last thing I need is to get all beat up and stiff and sore.

One thing I love about karate for me is that it's constantly pushing me out of my comfort zone. Yes, a karate tournament is still a sporting event, so in that sense you might think it's not a lot different than a triathlon. And I've done plenty of those, right? But a triathlon is largely a test of whatever endurance you've stored in your body, you either have it or you don't. Whereas competing in kata is more like a piano recital or dance competition. It's as much about your mind as about your body. I know I'm going to be really nervous when I enter that ring that I don't forget a big chunk of it and blow it!

Either way, it's a good prep for next week, when I have to get up in front of all the dojo's black belts and show my stuff. Wish us luck!


cherelli said...

Good luck! Hope you learn lots about yourself and dealing with that kind of pressure and have a great time!

Eoin said...

Best of luck with the kata, I haven't done a Karate comp in about 16 years but loved doing them!

tinaparker87 said...

Good Luck! You'll be great!

Marv said...

I really don't know how that would be in doing karate. But, I am sure you will grow from the extension of best to you on your "stretched wings."