Friday, December 04, 2009

Survived It

My last brown belt test, made it through. There were a lot of little things I thought I could've done better (aren't there always??) most especially my spinning side kicks continue to falter on the side with the injured hamstring. But nothing big went wrong, I didn't forget any kata or stand there with a blank expression when I needed to demonstrate a technique. And the head sensei stood practically right next to me the whole test, which only puts a teensy eensy bit MORE pressure on! I'm surprised I didn't draw a total blank just for that.

This is also the last test I will do with the kids, ever. We started out together as white belts several years ago. This test was open to Purple (which both of the kids are currently), Green, and Brown. My next test will be when I face all of the black belts and go for black, but that will be at least 6 months and no family or anyone else gets to watch.

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