Thursday, November 12, 2009

Stopping Knee Pain By Running

So a strange thing has happened to me on my self-imposed running hiatus (6 weeks as of this week): my left knee has started to really bug me. It's an old skiing injury, compounded by an old skydiving injury, but it usually just sings up every now and then and lets me know its there but doesn't really bother me too much. Since I stopped running it has been getting worse and worse and worse, to the point where I was having shooting pains during any lateral motion (one jumping jack during karate just about did me in).

But this week (Hallelujah!) I started running again. Oh, it felt soooooo good. Nothing like having something taken away to make you appreciate the gifts it brings to your life. The first run was a bit of a slog, 3.5 mile punctuated with walking/stretching breaks. But strangely after that run several days ago my knee stopped hurting. Today I just went out and ran, and ran and ran in a brief sunny reprieve from the torrential rains of November. And now my knee feels good as new again. Go figure, I had to run to make my knee injury go away?? Doesn't it usually work the opposite of that?

In any case, with my hand still keeping me out of the pool, I am so very grateful to be back running again. Although I've never considered myself much of a runner, maybe my body thinks differently.

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motherrunner said...

Just found your blog and I have to tell you what an inspiration! I am a mother to three children under 4 years old with a dream of doing an Ironman one day (just signed up for my first HIM for 2010) and reading back through your posts about training for your IM are so encouraging- I have realized that even though it is hard for me to imagine fitting in training for an IM at this point, maybe a few years down the road I will be able to realize that dream. Thanks for blogging and looking forward to reading more about your training and motherhood!