Sunday, November 08, 2009


The news on the hand is all good, or as good as it gets I should say. The break is simple, no problems with the joint, I should only have this silly thing on my arm for another couple of weeks and then I'm on to a soft splint and hopefully being able to get back in the pool again. If nothing else, I've had to get dreadfully creative with my workouts to keep from going bonkers. Lots of time on the bike trainer, combined with Cross-fit style intervals of whatever I'm capable of doing (mostly situps and squats right now).

The good news is that I bunged up my bad wrist doing Crossfit a couple of weeks ago, and now that it's been totally immobilized for a week, it feels so much better. Gee, maybe I should abandon my full neoprene suit idea, and just have myself encased in plaster every so often to let my body rest and recupe. I swear that if you cut me open, you would just find that I'm full of duct tape and bailing wire, it's all that's holding this body together some days.

Still, though I miss my left opposable thumb (such a useful invention that one!) especially when trying to do something like, say, zip up my pants, I am hopeful that I'll be on the mend fast.

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Jason Andrew Mellet said...

good luck with the healing process, im sure your body will reward you for all the cross training.