Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Eureka, the Perfect Bar!

I've been looking for a very long time for a good real-foods energy bar that wasn't high in soy (which I can't eat due to only having half a thyroid gland - soy is a thyroid inhibitor), or powdered whey, which I think is of nebulous health value. Also a bonus would be made from actual whole foods, preferably organic, even better if it's raw. I've tried all of the different bars out there and finally found one that meets all of these criteria, plus tastes absolutely awesome!

So meet The Pro Bar. It's: delicious, organic, whole raw food, vegan, non-GMO and in short just about perfect. And it comes in flavors like Superfood Slam, Cran-Lemon Twister, Koka Moka, Cherry Pretzel, Maple Pecan, and my total favorite, Cocoa Pistachio (and several more flavors)... yummmmm!

Now my only caveat is that I haven't tried it out during intense exercise yet. Raw foods are often harder on the stomach in high-stress situations, so I may have to revert back to the always-digestible Powerbars during races (I once lived on Powerbars for three days above 15,000 feet while mountaineering when I couldn't choke down a single other thing, so I know this for a fact: I can always eat a Powerbar). But for all other times, this will be my bar of choice. The hardest thing is to leave them in my backpack for workouts and not just snarf them for lunch. Yep, they're that good!

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