Friday, May 30, 2008

And That's Why They'll Call You An Ironman

I was in my karate class the other day when something that looked like a drowned rat in a plastic wrapper showed up. It was my karate training partner's husband, who had accidentally picked the rainiest day of the week for his 100 mile training ride for Vineman. It was cold, it was wet, it was windy, and he had 60+ miles left to go.

Since I was in the middle of class, I didn't get a chance to talk to him, but if I could've, here's what I would've said:

They don't just call you an Ironman because you cross the finish line after swimming 2.4, biking 112, and running 26.2.
They call you an Ironman because you get up when you don't want to
They call you an Ironman because you push past the feeling of wanting to give up
They call you an Ironman because you go out on your ride anyway, no matter the heat, the wind, or the rain
Because you move your body so long and so hard that you almost fall asleep on your feet at work.
Because you search the inner depths of what you are capable of, and reach for more.
They call you Ironman because that's what it takes to even make it to the starting line, let alone the one at the end of the race.

So Rich, although they won't say those specific words at the end of the Vineman, you'll be an Ironman nonetheless. Wishing you bluer skies for the rest of your long hard days...

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