Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Feeling Blue Today

Blue belted, that is. I got my belt yesterday in karate class. I was really nervous for the test because we had to do this kata: Basai Dai and had essentially just learned the last few moves in the two weeks prior to the test. Of course, I remembered that just fine and messed up on my first block, probably the easiest thing on the whole test! It's a great lesson though in staying focused, not letting your problems or mistakes overwhelm you, and carrying on. I find that so many of the things I learn from doing triathlons help me in my martial arts practice and vice versa. They complement each other very nicely (except for the fact that I could barely swim this week, because I did my moves so strongly for the test that every muscle in my shoulders has turned into giant knots.)

I took this photo as part of my Flickr 365 Days of Self-Portraits challenge. A group of us from a parenting board are doing it together and it's been fun and challenging. I'll probably write more on that later as it has definitely been enlightening to look at yourself so often and from so many different angles. Very introspective experience.


TriGirl 40 said...

Congrats on your blue belt! What a cool accomplishment. And looking forward to seeing more of the 365 days of self portraits.

BTW - Really appreciated the flip turn tips - definitely helped - though I still have a way to go. And I did severals 50 in 50-52 seconds and at least 2 100s at a 1:50 pace.

Donald said...

Congrats on the blue belt! I'm sure the mental disciplikne you develop in one activity (triathlon or martial arts) helps with the other.

TriJack said...

you have so much variety it's amazing! wow... what an interesting life you live... congratulations for THAT!

stronger said...

I like your self portraits- so many very interesting photos.