Friday, March 02, 2007

Best and Worsts of the Week

Best New Food: Trader Joe's Turkey Meatloaf, in a sandwich with marinara sauce on whole-grain bread. After I stopped being a vegetarian a year or so ago, I still haven't remembered all of the great non-veg foods out there. I haven't had meatloaf sandwiches in 20 years, and this one is pretty darn good. I think I have to learn how to make it.

Worst Food of the Week: Pizza. We hardly ever order out, but it sounded good. Until after about a slice and a half, then it just wasn't all that appealing anymore. The rest is still in the fridge.

Best Song to Run To:
Johnny 99 by Los Lobos

Worst Song to Run To: Clocks by Coldplay. I swear, have no idea how this got on my iPod.

Best Workout of the Week: Tempo Run on the river path. Fastest tempo run in years, and I didn't even feel all that hashed afterwards. Plus, it didn't rain, sleet, or snow (a bonus given the recent weather.)

Worst Workouts of the Week: All the ones that I've been rained on, sleeted on, hailed on, or snowed on (3 out of 4 runs so far!). I'm getting a bit tired of this weather. It could warm up a few degrees and I wouldn't complain.

Best Quote from the Kids: From my daughter "A baby chicken is the next best thing to a hug" (we got our new fluffy chicks this week from the Feed-n-Seed store.)

Worst Quote from a Kid: "Mommmmmmmmmm! Noggin (cat) is throwing up on the couch! Again!"

Best Beer of the Week: Organic Chocolate Stout. Mmmmm, chocolate and dark beer all in one. I can't drink too much of it, but it's sure yummy.

Worst Beer of the Week: My hubby bought Corona. Again.

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Libor said...

Family life is great isn't it?