Monday, February 12, 2007

Now Here's A Sport I Can Really Suck At

Bowling. Yep. Bowling. My mom is in an organization that sets up a charity bowling event every year and this time around the kids and I joined her as a team. Let's just say that bowling isn't our forte'. I had the high score after three games: 111 (you can quit laughing now.) The kids beat their grandma in almost every game (bumpers helped) and a fun time was had by all. Sometimes it's nice to do something that is so ludicrous you really don't care how it all turns out.

I actually grew up just a few houses down from one of the greatest bowlers of all time (Marshall Holman), and he's probably part of the reason that my relatively small hometown has one of the best bowling alleys on the West Coast (complete with Marshall Holman trophy and photo corner.) and they now host the PBA tour there. I think I need to rent Kingpin again to round out my week - that slow-mo of Bill Murray bowling with his custom bowling ball and his comb-over flying up in the air is priceless.

Unfortunately, my right arm was really sore for swimming tonight, undoubtably due to flinging 14 pound balls down a lane for a couple of hours. So I don't think I'll be aiming for the PBA tour anytime in the near future.


Star said...

Too funnny, because I was thinking this weekend as I was "playing" tennis with my husband how much I suck at it and pretty much hate tennis! I'm good at softball and volleyball, but forget tennis, man! Anyway bowling is fun and yes, we also had sore arms the days after bowling. Of course the classic bowling movie is The Big Lebowski :)

Donald said...

I've never broken triple digits in bowling! But it's a surprisingly fun activity to do with a group of little kids.

Thanks for the tip on MASH. I didn't know it was a book ...