Sunday, February 25, 2007

Hanging In There

Thanks to all for the kind words and thoughts on my dog. He's still with us, possibly until tomorrow (the uncertainty is the worst part right now, trying to find a time when the vet can be here, my husband can get off of work, and the kids can have a friend's house to go to.)

In the meantime, my sister came to visit this weekend and we had a great time. I went swimming with her and realized again what a natural athlete she is. She hasn't swum in a year and she got in the pool and knocked off laps faster than many of the Master's swimmers and triathletes in adjacent lanes. Must be something in the ol' genes (and her feet aren't even a size 11 like mine)! She and I have done triathlon relays and triathlons together (including one notable one in Seattle with absolutely pouring down rain in August where we wore garbage bags around the race start for an hour or so.) and maybe we'll get to do that again, she's a bunch of fun to hang out with.


Audrey said...

That sounds like my sister! She never works out-but when we rented crappy bikes to tool around Ireland...she turned into this stellar hill climber and as I panted to keep up with her we were dropping guys from other countries. We were on VACATION. I was like, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?? She apparently just likes to get the hills over with as quickly as possible. Uh huh. She can also run an 8 min/mile at the drop of a hat.

TriGirl 40 said...

Been thinking about you all and Sabre.

Diane said...

Robin ~ my black lab is 17 years old so I know what you are going through and will be right where you are sooner than I'd like to think. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you cherish your little remaining time with your friend. ~ Di