Tuesday, January 01, 2013

2013, Day 1

Happy New Year Indeed! If this is the way 2013 is going to go, bring it on. I started the day with some of the brave Aquaducks, turning out to swim the "year in 50's". Up this year: 113 x 50 on the :45. Even though I am (obviously!) getting older every year, this workout has actually been getting easier to do. Since this year I've been managing to swim 3 - 4 times a week, it was a piece of cake. I even managed to throw some back, breast, and butterfly in there and still make the interval.

And special bonus: this is the first year my Ironhubby has turned out to do the workout. Wow, this Ironman training has been awesome for him and his swimming has gotten strong in a short amount of time. He's the buff dude, 5th from the left (among a legion of buff dudes and gals. Have to say, we look pretty darned amazing for a group that probably averages around 50 in age!) And yes, that's my festive red shimmery holiday suit, I picked it up from SwimOutlet.com especially for December and New Years, though I may break it out for Valentines Day as well.

Afterwards can only be described as heaven on earth - the absolute best homemade Cinnamon rolls (courtesy of one wonderful Aqua-spouse) and a soak in the hot tub. Then Starbucks with my hubby (our special post-swim time every week).

When we got  home, it was beautiful outside. I got to walk the dogs in the glorious sunshine - a real treat in Oregon's oft-rainy winter.

We've been re-arranging my son's lair...er, den...., er... room, trying to organize all of his games, computers, cables, monitors, game controllers, etc. And today we found this terrific entertainment center at a thrift store and got it moved in and installed. $30 - a real deal! And look - lo, the floor around him is clear! And walkable! It is indeed a miracle. If this keeps up, we may finally get him fully moved into this room, leaving his old room to be repurposed as a guest bedroom and family entertainment room. Suh-weet!

Topping off the evening, my wonderful hubby baked some lasagna, and we had a  nice family dinner together. Best of all, he made two more lasagnas which are residing in the freezer for another cold winter's night when we need some culinary good cheer.  We talked about what a great holiday it's been, and what everyone's plans for the new year are.

So Day 1 of 2013 finds me blessed with family, good food, great friends, good health, and goals to work toward. It just doesn't get better than that.

Wishing you all a wonderfully happy new year!

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Tina Marie Parker said...

Happy New Year! You look amazing. Yeah for hubby! All the best in 2013.