Sunday, April 15, 2012

Countdown to Ironman, Week 10: My Bike Gets Revenge

Ever since I started test-riding other tri-bikes, my bike has been mad at me. Then it started getting revenge on me. The chain keeps jumping off. The brake started rubbing. The handlebars got loose. It's like it's trying to kill me. Honestly, this bike has been so completely reliable for 8 years that I've never had to worry about it, and now I fear for my life every time I ride the thing! I can't wait for my new bike to get here.

Besides fearing for my life, I'm starting to fear for my Ironman. I did something scary yesterday: I  looked at my training logs from my last Ironman. You know, the one where I got to train in the summertime when the weather was good and I had motivation to be outside. Yeah, so by this time in my training cycle, I was regularly doing six hour bike rides (I've topped out at three so far this year) and three hour runs (I'm currently at 1.5 for my max). I am starting to worry about how bad this will all hurt if it hurt THAT MUCH last time and I was twice as well trained and six years younger to boot.

So here's hoping that the new bike is perfect, that I'll instantly leap on it and not only be able to ride for hours and hours but that its new perfect aerodynamic shape will make up for all that training I haven't been doing (hey, I can dream).

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Marv said...

Chain dropping can be scary. My old bike dropped a chain on a gentle downhill at about 25 MPH a couple days ago...Oh my!

I hope your concerns are unjustified, and the new bike will be just what you need. Bless you in this Robin