Friday, June 17, 2011

Aquajogging Hell Mitigated By SwiMP3?

Aquajogging. The word itself is anathema to runners and triathletes everywhere. It's like a special level of hell that you get banished to upon injuring yourself, and you can't get out of until you do the appropriate weeks of penance.

Since swimming is currently out of the question, and any water exercise is better than no water exercise, I knew I was going to have to relegate myself to this torture session. So I did the only sensible thing: I ordered a SwiMP3 to make myself feel better. However, I read on the packaging that I'll only be able to hear the music if my head is submerged since the SwiMP3 delivers the sound through bone conduction, not through your ears.

That submersion thing might make aquajogging a bit more challenging.

Alternatively, I can wear earplugs. We'll see if that works tomorrow. Hubby is already salivating over my SwiMP3. You see, he's one of those incomprehensible (to me) humans who does not like swimming up and down and up and down a lap lane over and over and over. Huh. He thinks my new toy will make swimming more fun FOR HIM.

I don't think he's going to get to find out until I'm cleared for the lap lanes myself. Until then, I've loaded everything from Motorhead and X to Flogging Molly and Girlyman and I'm ready to jog my way to oblivion.


yaagTRI said...

I'd love to know if the swimpm3 actually works well, any chance of a review once you've tried it? :)

Robin said...

Yes, I'll definitely post a review!