Saturday, June 27, 2009

Swim Workout: Long IMs and Short Intervals

It was a pool day (our Master's group alternates Saturdays at the lake with Saturdays in the pool), so this was the workout I put up for today. The "Long IM" set is done with medium intensity in freestyle and focus on your stroke sets. The sprint 25s are done with an absolute 10 second rest and are all out.

Warmup: 300 Free 100 Kick 200 Drill 100 Kick 100 Stroke 100 Kick
2 x 150 Pull Build

Main Sets:
150 Free
150 Long IM (Fly Free Back Free Breast Free)
100 Free
150 Long IM
50 Free
150 Long IM
50 EZ

3 x
(10 x 25 Hard, @ 10. sec rest
50 EZ)

Cool Down: 2 X 150 Pull, focus on using reaching forward, engaging lats
200 Swim, keep the lats engaged

3400 yards

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