Saturday, May 30, 2009

Swim Workout: Rotating Intervals of Doom

I like to put a good swim workout title like that up on the board, just to get the blood flowing in all of the Master's swimmers. When the first thing out of their mouth is "oh shit" when they look at the board, maybe that's a good thing? Then again, our Master's group could sometimes be renamed as the "Swim, Bitch, and Sandbag Club" and I'm threatening to order swimsuits with that embroidered on the butt. Sometimes I feel like half Den Mother and half coach.

In any case, I think this workout is a fun one. Not too complicated and the yards go by fast. The key is to keep the non-fast intervals at a medium pace, not a slow one and you'll be working your endurance as well as your speed. In the main set, you switch up which one of the intervals is your hard one (first one is the 25, next one is the 50, and so on) and do the same with the 2nd part of the main set (first the 125 is hard, then next time through it's the 100, and so on).

Warmup: 350 Swim 250 Pull
4 x 100 Swim/Kick/Drill/Swim by 25s

Main Set:

4 x (25-50-75-100) – Rotate Hard, rest are medium @10 sec. rest

50 Active Recovery

4 x (125-100-75-50) – Rotate Hard, rest are medium @15 sec. rest

Pull 2 x 200 - Build

4 x 50 All Out/Cruise by 25s @ 1:15

100 Cool Down

4150 yards

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