Sunday, April 05, 2009

Swim Workout - Building Speed

Some of our Masters swimmers are headed to a big swim meet in two weeks, so this is my last pre-taper workout for them. It's a hard one. I seriously thought I was going to puke after that last 200, haven't felt like that in the pool for long time.
The 200's and the 100's in the main set are on a fixed interval. The key to this set is setting a relatively long interval so you can hit the Hard parts HARD. Our fastest two lanes were taking a 3:20 interval for the 200s and 1:40 for the 100s, coming in on 2:15 - 2:35 for the 200s and 1:05 - 1:20 for the 100s. So plenty of rest, hit the hard parts hard, and the medium parts are not easy or cruise but medium.

Enjoy, and don't eat within a couple hours of attempting...

8 x 100 Odd Free, Even Choice
6 x 75 25 Kick, 50 Swim
6 x 50 Drill/Swim IM Order

Main Set:
5 x 200:
#1: 50 Hard, 150 Medium
#2: 100 Hard, 100 Medium
#3 150 Hard, 50 Medium
#4 Cruise
#5 All Out

50 Easy Recovery

5 x 100:
#1: 25 Hard, 75 Medium
#2: 50 Hard, 50 Medium
#3 75 Hard, 25 Medium
#4 Cruise
#5 All Out

Pull 5 x 50 – 1st stroke every lap with weakest arm

10 x 50 Sprint 25 ALL OUT, flip hard and cruise back 25 @ 1:00

Cool Down:
5 x 50 Progressively slower

4100 Yards

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Kendallprojects (Jason) said...

Hey, I love the photo! Did you snap it right before getting in the pool or did you set it up?
Which masters meet are you going to, just had a bunch of folks from a friends team go to New England's?