Sunday, February 03, 2008

Triathlon Swim Workout

I coached the morning master's this week (5:15 am - eeeeouch!). The workout I put up is a great one for any distance swimmer looking to improve their time in anything from a 500 to an open water mile or more. After a good warmup, this is the main set of 2,000 yards.

2x the following:

The first time through, you go easy on the 50's, and really work the longer distances - they should be swum at your distance tempo pace, the kind of pace you would swim a hard 500 at. Take 10 sec. rest after the 50's, and 20 sec after the longer distances.

The second time through, you swim the 50's hard, and the longer distances at your long distance pace, the pace you would set for a 1500. Take 20 sec. rest after the 50's, and 10 sec after the longer distances.

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Katy said...

Hi Robin,
I have been reading your blogs for a while, I think you are amazing!
I have a question for you, my 12 year old son is interested in participating in a triathlon, but I have no idea how to get him started. I haven't been able to find any groups or clubs around here, and when I search the web most info is for adults. Do you know of any resources or can you offer any advise?
Thanks a bunch!
katy j