Monday, November 12, 2007

Good News!

It looks like I will be the new triathlon coach for Team in Training for our area. This will be a pretty big commitment for me, and I think my summer race schedule next year till be pretty light, but I am really excited!

I've been running in my toe shoes a lot, as running on the street was still giving me nausea and headaches. But the other day on the trail, I came across this amazing sight and ran a mile or so back to the car for my camera then lugged it back to the lake to snap this photo of the spiderweb covered in sparkles and the fall colors. Definitely worth it!

In other news I'm close to being able to run on the street again. A couple of trail runs in my toe shoes that were really pleasant and it looks like I've mostly got the strange physical running aversion licked. I had a nice run home from our volleyball game last night and am hopeful that this will last!


Annie said...

Very cool! What races will the team be training for?

TJ said...

very cool picture!

TriGirl 40 said...

Those are some lucky team in training folks.

I find the shoes fascinating, too!

janasmama said...

That is so funny that you ran two miles RT to get your camera, a true photographer. What is even funnier is that I saw you re-use this photo of you and the five fingers on a recent post only I thought the picture was also as recent. Puts the miles you have in barefeet into perspective.