Sunday, July 22, 2007

Humbled By Harry Potter and a Hamburger

I went to the track yesterday for my last tough running session before my triathlon next weekend, expecting to knock off some reasonably paced mile repeats and get some confidence in my running going into this race (especially after my breakthrough the last time I did this mile repeat workout). Instead, I was strongly reminded that it's not just what's in your legs that counts when you run, it's also what's in the rest of your body (or in this case, also what isn't). What wasn't there was enough sleep: I spent the night before at the Harry Potter book release party with my kids, dressed as a witch named Tonks (for those of you who have read the book, that explains the pink hair!). What was in my body was also a hamburger I ate two hours before running. I normally eat a little something before exercise, but that ended up being a little something too much. My miles were thirty seconds slower than the last time I attempted this, and I felt like crap.

But no workout is wasted, and this one was a good reminder that factors other than your physical fitness can signifigantly affect your abilities. When it comes to race day, I won't be staying up late (even though I haven't finished Harry Potter 7 yet) and I certainly won't have a hamburger for breakfast! Hopefully I'll approach race day feeling a bit better than I did at the track.


TriGirl 40 said...

Great pictures! Have some sports beans at your next race in honor of Harry.

Donald said...

Sweet outfits. I'm 400 pages into book 7 myself. There's an agreement on my blog that I hope you'll follow, too - NO SPOILERS!!
I'd hate to stop reading your blog.

Libor said...

You're so lucky your kids find this exciting and actually READ!!! Man, Dawn and I read alot, the kids see it too but alas.. She is even a teacher but still the kids do not have any interest in reading. Enjoy the fact yours do. Keep up the good parenting.