Monday, May 07, 2007

Jumping Back In To Life

It's funny how time flies by during the weeks here, but one week of vacation can simultaneously seem very fast and also very long. It seems like forever since I've been home, but the days went by quickly. I had planned on running a few times on vacation but that only materialized once. There's also not many good places to run around Mouseland, a lot of cars and traffic, long lights and freeway intersections make it more of an exercise in frustration than anything. I think I'll write to the Disney people and suggest that they open up the park in the early mornings for us running folk who need a place to stretch out our legs, that would be fun.
This is my favorite photo from Disney, I went on Autopia with Miss A., a ride that lets the kids drive. Made me wonder what I'll be going through in seven or eight years when she wants to drive for real!

Now I'm back and staring at a race in less than two weeks, that's about 10 days of workouts, taper, and boom it's here. I did get out on my bike yesterday for a brick of 1.5 hours, and then 45 minute run. Strangely enough, though I felt like I was sluggish my biking speed was quite fast. I guess a week of rest after four weeks of time trials left me with some oomph in my biking, that's nice! But running was dreadful and I've got just a few days to try and get some speed back into my legs or I'll be toast. And this tri has a hilly run, so I'm off tomorrow to start hitting the hills again.


TriGirl 40 said...

Welcome home, Robin!!!! Looks and sounds like you had a wonderful vacation. And a few workouts from now - you will be more than ready for your upcoming race!

BTW - How in the world did you all actually get that picture?!?

John said...

The Autotopia shot is a great one! Anytime we can spend with the munchkins while they still like us (i.e., teenie boppers), is a good time.

There's always tomorrow to pick up on the training.


Diane said...

You look like Chris Everett in that picture. I'm guessing you've been told that before...