Friday, August 11, 2006

80 Miles!!

That's my long bike ride for the week. 80 miles is a long ways to ride by yourself, I'm just saying. Fortunately, I always seem to find a person or two at the right pace somewhere out on the backroads. Last week's 67 miler, I ran into a guy training for Ironman Canada. This week, it was a couple who like to do centuries. So I get 30 or 40 miles of companionship at the least. I would schedule rides with some of my biking friends, but with my husband's sporadic schedule and my kids' commitments, I just squeeze my rides in when and where I can. Fortunately, I live in an area with lots and lots of backroads cyclists, so I frequently get to bike with some very nice strangers.


Toni said...

80 miles! Whew. Kaleb is working on his bicycling badge for his church scouting group. He did a 20 mile recenly..I was so proud! :-)

Larissa said...

You are very dedicated for biking so much without a regular buddy! I hope you find someone with a similar schedule and goals. :)