Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Ironman Dreams

Yep, they've started. The Ironman stress dreams. The first one was last night. I'm in Panama Beach, Florida and the Ironman is about to start. For some reason, it's in a lake in the middle of the city. The streets are warrens, like something out of a medieval European town but with skyscrapers thrown in for good measure, and I can't see the lake anywhere. When I finally find it, I realize that I've left my wetsuit at home. The race officials tell me that wetsuits are required, and I have just enough time to go and buy one before the race start. So I walk back through the maze of streets and shops, but all of the sporting goods shops are closed. The only shop open is a lingerie shop, but they do have a wetsuit in their window. It is light pink neoprene with ruffles all over the sleeve and leg cuffs. I fret that the ruffles will cause lots of drag, and ask for some scissors to cut them off.

Just then, I hear the horn signaling the start of the race. So I got into a dressing room and change into the wetsuit, throw my Visa card at the cashier, and run out the door through the narrow streets to the lake and jump in with the rest of the triathletes. I am the only person in a pink ruffled wetsuit in a sea of black, and all the other triathletes are looking at me like I'm a crazy person. I wake up just as I realize that the ruffles on the pink wetsuit are causing me to swim so slowly, I'm barely at the back of the pack.

Oh, I can hardly wait to see what I dream as we get closer to race start!

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Margie said...

Hmmm, I think you should delve farther into your fear of pink ruffly garments. ;-)