Tuesday, June 06, 2006

No Acronyms Here

I've been reading other Ironman blogs (suprisingly, there aren't many) in hopes of finding inspiration, humor, etc. in this crazy plan. But everyone else seems so serious, not to mention, so acronym-filled, they're darn near unreadable. Most blogs go something like:

Did 70 km LB today. 5 rps 3 min Z2 with 2 min spin @ 45 min. HR output 125 av. peak 152
Pool intervals 10 x 100 yd @ 1:35, 5 x 250, 20 sec r. Peak HR 160, av. 135

Meanwhile, I'm just going on a bike ride, and maybe a swim. Yeah, I do intervals, and I even bought myself a heart rate monitor, but mostly I train how my body feels and try to just enjoy the experience. My long bike this week was 2:20, but my Ironman race is late in the season (Nov 4), so I've got plenty of time to ramp up those distances. Summer is here and the warm weather feels great for biking.

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